Offer Payment Processing to Your Clients

All your clients will need to accept credit card payments for their business.

By offering payment processing, you can ensure that your client has the best user experience for their customers.

As the payment provider, you will receive monthly residual income for the lifetime of the account!

Build a Stream of Residual Income

USA Websites

USA Websites

USA Websites

Integrate With Common Platforms

We will teach you how to properly present and implement payment processing services to your customers. We can even help you offer service to their retail store, billing system, mobile locations, and more! Available in the USA only.

Contertop Terminals

Invoicing Software

Point of Sale Systems

How it Works

Our company is an authorized payment processing provider with Electronic Payments, Inc. Your role will be an independent affiliate of Scott Gibbens Group, LLC.

As an affiliate, you will receive a percentage of the monthly revenue that we earn. When you have a customer who needs payment processing, you can submit an electronic application on their behalf.

They are your customer, not ours. We will do everything possible to assist you and make sure that your customer has a good experience.

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