Reduce or Eliminate Your Card Processing Fees

Will this work for your business? Read what our clients have to say about our no cost processing options.

Give Your Customers Options

Your customers understand that costs have gone up. As a small business owner, you must make smart financial decisions without alienating your clients.

Providing an estimate with a regular price and a discounted cash price is the perfect solution to eliminate your card processing fees.

Our free equipment calculates everything for you and eliminates customer confusion.

Use Our Free Program to Create Estimates

We have created an optional, dual pricing estimate generator for you to use free of charge. This program will automatically calculate both prices for card and cash, including sales tax, based on your current prices.

We provide in-person training to show you and your staff how to use it. A computer with Microsoft Excel is all you need.

Dual Pricing is the safest way to remove your processing fees without facing warnings or fines from NYS and the card brands.

Common Questions & Concerns

What is the rate added to my customer?

The higher card price will be your regular rate plus 3.50 – 3.99 depending on your volume.

The rate will be determinded before you sign up and will stay the same.

What if my customers don’t like it?

It’s possible that a customer will not be happy seeing the card price is higher than cash. However, our merchants have told us that most customers are understanding and do not object.

Your account can be setup to bypass the card price if you prefer. This gives you the option to shift the fee for that transaction back to your business instead of the customer.

Do I have to buy new equipment?

We will provide one free countertop terminal. For more advanced operations, a complete point of sale is available.

How do I settle & reconcile my daily sales?

When the terminal settles your daily batch, it will separate the additional fees collected from your total sales. If your gross sales for the day are $1,000 you will receive $1,000 on the next business day, if your business is approved for next day funding. Most clients are automatically approved for next day funding.

What is my monthly fee?

Monthly account fee $29.00

Annual IRS reporting fee $49.00 per year.

Monthly minimum discount $40.00 (Applies if you process less than $1,000 in a month).

Additional fees apply for optional point of sale systems.

Can I use my existing accounting software?

Yes – it can be used along with our program.

Ready to Start? Here is Our Offer:

  • Free Terminal
  • Free Program For Estimates / Invoices
  • In Person Training & Support

What Fees Will My Business Pay?

A monthly account fee of $29.00 will be billed each month. An annual fee of $49.00 is billed once per year to cover the cost of PCI compliance.


*To qualify for a free terminal your business must process at least $5,000 per month.

What We Need

To get started please send your most recent processing statement and a voided check to you can also fax 315 295 2539.

Once we have your information, we will prepare & email you an electronic agreement to complete. Accounts are normally approved within 1-2 business days.

We will contact you within a week to schedule a time to install your new terminal.

Please call (315) 203-1697 with questions.

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