No Cost Processing – Eliminate Your Fees Forever!

No cost processing, also known as the Cash Discount Program is now available.

This program eliminates all of the fees paid by your business by adding a small charge to the customer when they pay with a credit card.

This is a true cash discount program, not surcharging which is illegal in NY and many other states.


What is the Cash Discount Program?

The cash discount program provides a way for you to eliminate the majority of your cost to accept credit cards from your customers. If you’ve never heard of this you may think that it’s too good to be true. Don’t worry, this is fully legal & compliant.

How Does it Work?

The credit card machine that we provide for you will automatically add a small fee to all customers who do not pay with cash. This fee covers the cost of the transaction and eliminates a large monthly bill for your business. Our cash discount program is within the guidelines of all State guidelines and processor regulations.

Is Cash Discount the same as Surcharging?

No, the cash discount program is not the same as surcharging. With surcharging the customer pays an extra fee for paying with a card. Cash Discount adds a service fee to all transactions and applies the discount when customers pay in cash. We provide notices for your store explaining the cash discount program.

What Fees Will my Business Pay?

A monthly account fee of $29.00 will be billed each month. An annual fee of $79.00 is billed once per year to cover the cost of PCI compliance. If you process more than $10,000 per month these fees are waived.