You’ve decided to hire a professional website designer to build you an amazing website. What should you know about the process? Working with a web designer may seem easy, you tell them what you want, and you expect them to create it.

Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly the case. When working with a web designer there are some key things to remember, and my personal first rule of thumb is to remember they cannot read your mind.

Communication needs to be open between the client and the web designer, and you should not feel forced to like designs. All details need to be discussed in-depth to ensure both client and designer are happy. Second is to ensure your designer knows your brand, like what is your color scheme, your logo, your specifics.

It’s very helpful for you to research several related websites in your field to show your designer what kind of look & style you are going for. Pick your favorite three websites and let your designer look at them. Be specific about what you like & do not like.

What is The Purpose of Your Website?

I know that may sound like an odd question, isn’t the answer obvious? Not so much. For each person & business, the purpose may be different. A non-profit for example might need a website for credibility, a calendar of community events and information about the organization. SEO (search engine optimization) may not be a high priority.

On the other hand, a painting company should designate lead generation and SEO as the first priority of their website. When people are looking for a painting company, they will most likely not go past the first few pages of search results. Different purposes require different approaches.

Be prepared for the cost accrued by not only you but by the designer as well. We cannot ethically just grab an image off Google and place it on a site without violating copyright laws. There are sites that offer free images or low-cost images if you are designing on a budget. A discussion about pictures and any costs that will be associated should happen before the agreement is signed.

Remember to provide accurate feedback. A designer’s time is just as precious as yours, and when they give you a specific time frame, they want to ensure their work is going in the right direction. If your site does not look how you envisioned, let your designer know right away. This saves them from starting from scratch and ensures that you meet your deadlines.

Keeping deadlines is another very important tip for working with web designers. They are on a set scheduled just as well and they need the information for the project in a prompt manner. We hear many stories about web designers waiting on content from the client.

The best person to create the content is you. You are the business owner or the person overseeing the project. You know the most about what your company stands for and provides. If you hire a designer and do not have your content ready, be aware that it can take much longer than planned.

Once your site is designed, don’t forget the designer. If you are planning changes to your company and need your website to reflect those changes, be sure to provide your designer with enough notice to schedule the changes. PS – There’s no such thing as ‘a few quick changes’. Any changes to a website require more time than the average person may realize.

As with any relationship, it’s a two-way street. Keep the communication open and timely for a smooth delivery of your new website. If you’re looking for a web designer in the Syracuse, NY area we can help! Give us a call or submit a contact form.

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