Did you survive the Verifone rebooting issue? In case you have not heard, many Verifone credit card processing machines needed a parameter update that had to be done manually. Without the update, the machines would stop working and continually reboot.

We were first notified of this issue from TSYS on June 19th, 2019 with a deadline for the update being June 25, 2019. Ouch – that did not give us much time to prepare to reach out and help our clients.

Fortunately, many of our clients were able to do the update themselves following our instructions that were posted here. We were able to personally visit anyone who needed help and we even swapped out a few older machines that would not work.

We had a few close calls, but no one had their service interrupted. I always like to highlight the fact that we at Small Biz Connect offer in-person, local support & service to our credit card processing clients here in Syracuse and Albany, NY.

If you’re not working with a local agent, give us a call or submit a contact form. Let’s connect!



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